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Monday, June 5, 2017
Ken Nuernberg Achieves Pilgrim Level of Service
Let us all congratulate Ken on achieving the highest level of service in the Loyal Order of Moose. Ken was conferred with this honor on June 3 at a ceremony held at Mooseheart, IL. There will be a special presentation at the Lodge on September 23rd. More details will be forthcoming in the near future.
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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Hello Moose & WOTM members,
I hope everyone had a good holiday season and your new year has started out well. Here at the Lodge we are doing ok. We have a few things come up that will need attention. The windows in the apartments need some work, hopefully they won’t need to be replaced. The rear roof has started to leak and it runs into the kitchen. This will be a priority as soon as it gets warm enough to work on it. The back stairway to the rear apartment needs a fresh coat of paint and the outside stairs in the back need to be replaced. These items will take not only monetary resources but also manpower resources to get completed. So when the notices go out looking for volunteers to help out please signup. Without volunteers to do the work, we will have to pay contractors to get it done. This will put the Lodge in a poor financial position. We can’t call each member individually and personally ask for help. That is why we send e-mails, put it in the newsletter and post notices up at the Lodge.
We are in need of people who want to get involved by becoming a member on the board. We currently are operating without a Governor and the treasurer’s position looks like it will be open for the next Moose year. There are many committees that need chairmen to make sure things run smoothly. Nominations for the board positions need to be done by mid-March. If you want to get involved to help make the Lodge grow and get better for all our members please get your name into us soon.

Thank you for your support,
Mark Starszak

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