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Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Pilgrim Duane A. Carlson Sr.

Let me tell you about Duane A. Carlson Sr. and the path
he took to become a Pilgrim – Sheila Cadotte

Duane A. Carlson Sr. joined the Loyal Order of the Moose in April of 1978. Duane remembers “I got dragged in by Ernie Garrison, he kept after me for over a year. Back then you couldn’t come in with work clothes on. The man at the door asked me if I had dirt on my shoes, I thought that was a bit too much.” When asked what he found here at the Moose once he did get inside, he said “I liked the people and I made new friends. I didn’t know exactly what the Moose Organization was, but I knew at that time if you wanted to come in on Friday or Saturday nights, you better come early because the bar would be full. There would be live music and everyone would be laughing and having a good time.” (He even got his family to join. In time, Duane’s wife JoAnn became a Chapter member and in fact, has just received her “Cap & Gown”, the highest honor bestowed upon Women of the Moose for their service.)

Once he got more involved, Duane could see all the good work done by the members and Moose International as a whole and he knew this was something he could be a part of and be proud of. His service at the Loyal Order of the Moose fraternity began. When he ran for office, Duane never lost an election, he has held every office at least once and most at least twice. He joined the Legion in 2004, was selected as a Fellow in 2006. Duane was a past Governor in 1991, and has sponsored over 35 other members. As you can see, all the things he did over the years, all the commitments he made and kept. All the hours of loyal service that he put in to the fraternity culminated in the honor he was about to receive.

Duane got a notice in the mail in January telling him that he would be receiving The Pilgrim Degree of Merit, but he had to keep it strictly confidential. He couldn’t tell ANYONE, not even his closest friends. Duane said with a smile “there were nights I wanted to tell everyone, but I had to keep quiet.” Finally on May 30th, 2015 Duane attended the Pilgrims Conferral, there were 141 Fellows who were there to become Pilgrims and 200 more came to march in the procession parade. The Conferral was a confidential ceremony that took place at the House of God at Mooseheart in Mooseheart, IL. Of course, this meant Duane could tell everyone, he breathed a huge sigh of relief .

When I asked Duane to tell me about his feelings regarding becoming a Pilgrim, he said “I am still numb, it all happened so fast” but the truth is, becoming a Pilgrim doesn’t happen fast at all, it’s a lifelong process, I talked to Assistant General Governor Byron Dalton and he told me that “Pilgrims are a very Elite group of Loyal Order of the Moose Fraternity members that have dedicated their time and their lives to our children at Mooseheart and our seniors at Moosehaven. One half of one per cent is ever awarded the Pilgrim Degree of Merit.” Each Pilgrim is chosen not by quantity, but by quality. Proudly, Mr. Dalton told me that “to become a Pilgrim is the greatest honor that can be bestowed on a brother here at the Moose Organization.”

The Pilgrim Degree of Merit is indeed an honor and needs to be celebrated when achieved, so we would like to invite all of you to help celebrate with Duane as he receives his Gold Jacket at the Pilgrim Presentation Ceremony.

Here are the details

Pilgrim Presentation Ceremony
Saturday, August 22nd
5 pm is cocktail hour / 6 pm Program (meal to follow)
Superior Moose Lodge #606
If you plan on attending, please call the Lodge, we need to get an accurate count..see you there!!
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It’s the wedding season, we have a lot of receptions booked at the Lodge, I wanted to remind everyone that our Lodge is the PERFECT place for wedding receptions, and parties. The cost to rent the lodge is minimal and every party does good things for us, the good could be fiscal or just bringing more people in. We need new members, remember Our Foundation needs to grow. Challenge yourself to sponsor at least one new member over the summer, if we each did that we could cement our foundation.

I wanted to send a special and huge THANK YOU to Mary Paulus, Bob Bentley and Loren Byberg. We had the Laurel & Hardy Banquet here and came up short for a cook, these three jumped in and saved the day. So hey you three…THANKS well, it’s huge anyway.. LOL (Laugh Out Loud)

I want everyone to take a lingering look at the flower planters in the front of the Lodge. Rosewitha Peters planted the one in the middle and on your right (as you face the Lodge) and Jo Ann Carlson planted the one on the left. Aren’t they gorgeous? We are so very lucky to have these ladies as our sisters. Rosewitha also planted the flowers at the bottom of the Flagpole.

WOW, a big thanks from all of us!!!
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